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Enceinte 12p amplifiées 200 et 200 W RMS


D11 A


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Enceinte 12p amplifiées 200 et 200 W RMS

The D 11A is a conveniently equipped active 12" / 1" fullrangebox offering integrated Class-D amplifiers, an electronic crossover and loudspeaker equalization.

For the low and high frequency ranges 2x 200 W RMS are available. The maximum overall amplifier output comes to 800 W. The Frequency range is 48 Hz - 20 kHz and the max. SPL is 126 dB / 1m.

The Line input is implemented as an XLR/jack combo socket, the controllable Stereo-AUX channel with RCA/cinch sockets permits e.g. the direct connection of CD or MP3 players.

For operation with powered subwoofers, a switchable low-cut filter is provided. When combined with active subwoofers, ultra-compact active 3-way high powered systems can be created very simply for a multitude of applications in live music and fixed installation sectors.

The extensive range of optional accessories allows virtually unlimited use in fixed installations or flown configurations.

Powered 2-Way
Rated Power RMS
200 W LF / 200 W HF
Max. Amplifier Output Capability
400 W LF / 400 W HF
Frequency Range (-10 dB)
48 Hz - 20 kHz
max. SPL / 1m
126 dB
Radiation-Pattern H x V
80° x 40°
Dimensions mm (W x H x D)
430 x 586 x 321
15,3 kg

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D11 A

D11 A

Enceinte 12p amplifiées 200 et 200 W RMS